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18 Best Mental Health Gifts in 2022

18 Best Mental Health Gifts in 2022

Do you have a friend, co-worker, child, or teenager struggling mentally and emotionally? Letting them know you care is one way to show support. And with the holiday season just around the corner, you might want to check out these mental health gifts that will relieve their stress and boost their happiness! You can also grab these items for yourself.

Best Mental Health Gifts for Anxiety

The best mental health items for someone with anxiety are those that interrupt their worrisome thoughts. Be sure to include gifts that make them feel calmer.

1. Anxiety coping statements worksheet - These are statements that replace negative thoughts with realistic thoughts. Examples include My feelings are allowed to be here. Anxiety is not the boss. I am in control. Download this sheet, print it, and put it in a frame!

2. Calm app subscription - Calm is a mindfulness app that helps to increase focus and awareness. With this holiday gift, your loved one will appreciate the power of meditation.

3. Weighted blanket - The pressure of a weighted blanket can ease symptoms of anxiety, plus it makes it easier for you to fall and stay asleep.

Best Mental Health Gifts for Depression

Depression interferes with a person’s daily life. It affects their work and relationships. Along with medical treatment, these mental health gift items promote relaxation.

1. Coping skills for teen depression handout - Exercising, unplugging from electronics, and visualization are ways to manage depression. Here’s a printable resource for your teen.

2. Essential oils - A study suggests that essential oils, such as lavender, bergamot, and chamomile are effective for reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.

3. Puzzle - It’s no secret that puzzles keep the mind preoccupied, giving you a break from saddening thoughts. Puzzle games also improve cognitive skills.

Best Mental Health Gifts for Stress

Pressure, responsibilities, health problems, and conflict in relationships contribute to stress. Whatever situation is stressing your loved one out, these gifts improve their ability to cope.

1. Stress management coping skills handout - Squeeze a stress ball. Get out in the sun. Watch a comedy. Here are more strategies to share with someone dealing with a difficult challenge.

2. Leather journal - Made with smooth-finish paper, this leather-bound journal is a safe space to release negative thoughts from your mind.

3. Just Breathe by Dan Brule - This book shows how controlling your breath can relieve stress, improve your performance, and optimize your health.

Best Mental Health Gifts for Trauma

These Christmas gifts for mental health will comfort someone who’s in the process of recovering from a traumatic experience.

1. Trauma coping statements handout - Help a trauma survivor feel empowered by showing them these positive coping statements. For example, “I’ve survived tough times before, and I will be resilient this time too.”

2. Affirmation bracelet - This silver inspirational bracelet will serve as a daily reminder to not give up. It fits most wrist sizes.

3. Healing Trauma with Guided Drawing by Cornelia Elbrecht - For those who are working closely with trauma survivors, this book offers an alternative to traditional talk therapies. According to one review, “As a therapist, I’ve been using Guided Drawing with clients to shut off their PTSD responses and have had success so far!”

Best Mental Health Gifts for Self-Esteem

According to the American Psychological Association, self-esteem is how you view yourself physically, your accomplishments, and your values. Having healthy self-esteem is essential to personal growth and success in life!

1. Self-esteem alphabet - Give this positive reminder to someone you know! They’ll discover simple tips from A to Z, such as focusing on solutions and journaling strengths.

2. The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown - Written by an American professor and researcher, this book inspires readers to live an authentic life. It teaches letting go of perfectionism.

3. How to Love Yourself Cards by Louise Hay - One user wrote in her review, “Inspiring thoughts that help to enhance the quality of our thinking and feeling. I love sharing these cards with anyone, and particularly with people who believe they are not enough.”

Best Mental Health Gifts for Self-Care

You can’t take good care of others if you take yourself for granted. Know a teacher, kid, or teen who needs these gifts for mental health? Check these out.

1. Self-care ideas for teachers handout - Teaching can be mentally and emotionally draining. Here’s a beautiful resource that shows a colleague simple self-care methods, such as going for a walk and getting a foot rub!

2. Self-care activities for kids and teens handout - Our printable resource includes 101 ideas like discovering your passions and doing something fun.

3. Yoga mat - Starting a yoga habit offers relief from daily stress. This yoga mat has good quality and a thickness that’s perfect for beginners.

There’s no better time than now to prioritize mental and emotional well-being. Print some of the worksheets above. Share a weighted blanket. Inspire self-love. I hope that these mental health gifts bring happiness and a sense of inner calm to someone this holiday season!

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