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Anxiety Worksheets for Kids

Anxiety Worksheets for Kids


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Feelings & Emotions Worksheets


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Feelings and Emotions Worksheets (PDF)

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A wide range of therapy concepts and helpful reminders for kids and teens of all ages.


Great info and graphics-easy to use

I love your practical and educational posters. I think you should incorporate your logo and/website more prominently on your work. Somewhere it cannot be cropped off. You are providing a valuable resource and you deserve credit!

Laura Edeen

I'm very happy with this purchase. The sheets are informative and helpful, well thought out and the design is pleasing. Will definitely be purchasing more.

Bethany R.

How amazing is it to have a bundle of DBT worksheets?! It’s so helpful to have the major concepts consolidated, and in a very visually pleasing layout!! Thanks so much for helping my work and for this worksheet!!

Brigit C.

No shipping was necessary as this was a digital download. The quality and information of this item are great! My autistic four year old son is beginning to identify some of the emotions on the chart. We are slowly trying to help him correctly identify emotions/feelings in the moments that they occur...

Jessica G.

This trauma bundle is fantastic. It's exactly what I have been looking for to help my 17 year old son, who has been traumatized by the bullying from his peers and staff from the many schools he attended since he started in Preschool. He graduates this year, but since he is high functioning autistic it is hard for him to forget what all the negatives have done to him. I can't wait to start working with him with the help of these wonderful therapy pages.

Tara C.