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Great info and graphics-easy to use

I love your practical and educational posters. I think you should incorporate your logo and/website more prominently on your work. Somewhere it cannot be cropped off. You are providing a valuable resource and you deserve credit!

Thank you, Laura!

was what i needed and expected.

As described, good format, very helpful.

The worksheets are really good I brought lots from different sets as well. They are really helpful due to my autism and the person I brought for was really helpful in helping me work out the price and sort out things I needed help with. The downloads was a bit hard for me to understand but Overall brilliant.

Fantastic product

This packet is great for working with teens and kiddos!

Great graphics and well done.

Love these handouts, especially the happiness iceberg. This is helpful when working with clients to decrease depressive symptoms. Nicely created!

I really love this product

Excellent for use with counselling clients

Easy download and useful. Thank you

A well put together information about ADHD. I have family members who are ADHD and i may be one of them!

Excellent for use with counselling clients

I actually learned a lot from these, will integrate this when I start seeing kiddos with ADHD

This is SUPER helpful!! Thank you so much

Beautiful and fairly comprehensive. Looking forward to using these in practice.

Excellent seller, love these mental health tools. Thank you.

Easy to use/read. Very helpful in my practice

These resources are high quality and well put together. The content is also accurate and informative. Will definitely buy from the mentalhealthcenter again! Thank you :)

Thanks for this amazing product! Highly recommend!!

This is amazing. Thank you! <3

I'm very happy with this purchase. The sheets are informative and helpful, well thought out and the design is pleasing. Will definitely be purchasing more.

The most handy DBT cheat sheets I’ve found! So cute, too.