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Self-Care Ideas for Teachers

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People who take care of others, such as teachers, can greatly benefit from practicing self-care. It helps them prevent stress and be effective in their jobs. When students see that their teachers value self-care, it encourages and motivates them to do the same.

Use this handout as a helpful resource if you’re a teacher who needs some inspiration to improve their well-being. Some of the 101 ideas on the poster include unplugging from electronics, speaking kind words to themselves, and getting a good night’s sleep.

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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer T

Thank you! This is a great infographic!

Karianne H

Thank you, just what I needed!

Doris R

I'm going to recommend that schools, camps, psychiatric hospitals, friends, parents, old-folks care givers, and drunk adult 'adults' purchase all of these. I would recommend that the seller makes a 'value pack' for those interested in the complete set. We are working on posting them in several semi-outdoor areas that have a roof but no wall. We found the paper in the picture to be the best for long term durability in our situation where important stuff such as these are partly exposed to the elements. Plus. the coating on the paper allows for some types of writing to be wiped off easily. Don't want to advertise a separate company on here, so use the EXACT following search term via the search engine https://search.brave.com/ and it's the first link to a well known company:

Water Resistant (7.7 Mil) 'Card Stocks and Specialty'