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Key Takeaways:

  • Online therapy provides an effective and convenient way to address common issues in teenagers, such as anxiety, depression, peer pressure, and trauma.
  • Some of the best online therapy services for teens include Bend Health, MDLive, Synergy eTherapy, Talkspace, and more.
  • Experts recommend having individual therapy once a week to maximize effectiveness. Depending on the program, some therapists may involve parents.

Mental health issues affect millions of adolescents globally, with one in seven 10 to 19-year-olds experiencing a mental disorder [*]. Fortunately, online therapy services for teens make getting help more convenient, affordable, and approachable.

Online therapy programs for teens relieve the burdens associated with mental illnesses and equip parents and caregivers to learn to provide the best care. Here, we’ve compiled the best online therapy services for teens you might consider in 2024.

Our Criteria for Choosing Online Therapy Services for Teens

We understand the importance of selecting an online therapy service you trust. Our vetting process prioritizes credible and ethical services with cost-efficient options. Here’s a closer look at our criteria:

  • Qualified therapists. We recommend mental health professionals with ample years of experience, good credentials, and various specialty areas.
  • Geographic coverage. Contrary to popular belief, only some online therapy groups service every state. We prioritize services you can access in most or all states.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Therapy is an investment, and we want to ensure the costs reflect the company's services. We choose groups that maintain reasonable costs.
  • Variety of services. Each child has different therapeutic needs, so we do our best to recommend groups covering various services like therapy, psychiatry, family sessions, and medication management.

10 Best Online Therapy Services for Teens in 2024

If you’re exploring online therapy services for your teen and are struggling to narrow your selection, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the ten best online therapy services for teens.

  • Best Overall - Bend Health
  • Best Messaging-Based Therapy - Talkspace
  • Best for Medication Management - Sesame
  • Best for Flexible Pricing - Synergy eTherapy
  • Best for Self-Reflection - Calmerry Online Therapy
  • Best with Parent Support Programs - Manatee
  • Best for Longer Sessions - MDLive
  • Best for Older Teens - Joon Care
  • Best for Anonymous Support - 7 Cups
  • Best for Underinsured Teens - Open Path

1. Bend Health

Bend Health is a subscription-based, family-centric online therapy platform that focuses on holistic approaches. It collaborates with different hospitals and numerous insurance providers, making its services more accessible and comprehensive. Bend Health prides itself on accurate diagnoses and shorter wait times.

Price: Coaching (monthly) - $199.99; coaching and therapy (monthly) - $399.99; coaching, therapy, and medication management (monthly) - $599.99

Types of Therapy: Individual, family, medication management, neuropsychological evaluations

Accepts Insurance: Yes


  • Wait times are significantly shorter than in-person services
  • Available in all 50 states
  • Services children between one and seventeen


  • Age cutoff is 17 instead of 18
  • Therapists are assigned

2. Talkspace

Talkspace offers a unique solution for teenagers who may feel uncomfortable making video calls. It provides text-based services that users can access anytime. Once your teen becomes more comfortable communicating with their therapist via call, you can upgrade their subscription to include live sessions.

Price: Plans start at $69 per week

Types of Therapy: Individual, psychiatry, medication management

Accepts Insurance: Yes


  • Offers versatile subscription tiers
  • Accepts most insurance plans
  • Comprehensive matching process


  • Teens can only attend sessions with caregiver consent
  • No medication management

3. Sesame

Should your child require medication management, consider Sesame as a provider. It offers virtual counseling and comprehensive therapy services with specialists who can prescribe medication.

Price: $60 to $30 per session, depending on therapist, type of session, and location

Types of Therapy: Individual, psychiatry, medication management

Accepts Insurance: No


  • Same-day appointments available
  • Prescriptions include free home delivery
  • Fast customer service


  • Limited therapist options in some states
  • No insurance options

4. Synergy eTherapy

Synergy eTherapy services teens between nine and eighteen. Its flexible, pay-as-you-go, non-subscription payment structure is easily customizable by parents and caregivers. It also offers free consultations for parents and children to test the waters before committing to long-term therapy.

Price: $100 to $250 for 45 to 50 minutes

Types of Therapy: Children’s, family, individual

Accepts Insurance: Yes


  • Session lengths are customizable (30 to 75 minutes)
  • Free initial consultation to determine service compatibility
  • Consultations with trainees are available for lower rates


  • Not yet available in all 50 states
  • Cost per session can vary significantly

5. Calmerry Online Therapy

Unique to Calmerry Online Therapy is each user’s ability to track their progress through a journal. Teens choose whether to share this app-based journal with their therapists. In addition, the service provides resources and handouts according to your teen’s specific needs.

Price: $50 to $80 per week

Types of Therapy: Individual, family

Accepts Insurance: No


  • Unique online journal feature
  • Text-only plans available
  • First month is discounted


  • No insurance options
  • Platform is slightly challenging to navigate

6. Manatee

Unlike most other online therapy services, Manatee offers dedicated programs for parents who require support and coaching. Parents can access support groups and meet other parents in similar situations. Manatee also has an app to access journaling sessions, lessons, and activities for the entire family.

Price: $99 to $175, depending on the service

Types of Therapy: Individual, family

Accepts Insurance: Yes


  • Comprehensive parent support program
  • Relatively more affordable than most other services
  • Many insurance options


  • Online therapy only available in select states
  • No discounts or bundles

7. MDLive

While most online therapy services provide live sessions for an average of 30 to 45 minutes, MDLive’s sessions run for 60 minutes. It also partners with thousands of licensed therapists and psychologists, with psychiatry services available.

Price: Therapy - $108, psychiatry - $284

Types of Therapy: Individual, psychiatry

Accepts Insurance: Yes


  • Users can choose a therapist
  • Instant chat help is available
  • Upfront and simple pricing scheme


  • Doesn’t offer text therapy
  • Waiting room interface doesn’t reflect the wait time

8. Joon Care

Joon Care is the only teen-forward online therapy platform with options for young adults. Some teenagers carry their issues into early adulthood and require just as much if not more, support entering college. Joon Care offers subscription plans offering two 60-minute weekly sessions. In addition, it gamifies tasks, making habit-forming more rewarding for patients.

Price: $500 to $1,100, depending on the chosen subscription

Types of Therapy: Individual, family

Accepts Insurance: Yes


  • Extended care for older teens
  • Habit tracking on app
  • Effectiveness ratings exceed industry standards


  • Very costly, and insurance is limited
  • No self-selection for therapists

9. 7 Cups

Occasionally, your teen may need to talk to someone who can relate to their issues. 7 Cups offers a unique peer-to-peer platform where teens between 13 and 17 can connect. It has teen support rooms and trained listeners. It also has options for sessions with licensed therapists.

Price: $150 per session

Types of Therapy: Individual, peer

Accepts Insurance: No


  • Support groups for teens are available
  • Trained listeners are available 24/7
  • More cost-effective than most programs


  • No insurance options
  • Therapist selection is limited

10. Open Path

As a non-profit, Open Path stands out for its ability to provide help at low costs. It provides treatment for people who can’t afford the current market rates for therapy with a small one-time membership fee. Don’t be fooled by its prices—it employs licensed and experienced mental health professionals.

Price: $40 to $70 per session

Types of Therapy: Individual

Accepts Insurance: No


  • Affordable for underinsured people
  • Users can choose their therapist
  • Discounts are available


  • No text therapy
  • Therapist selection is limited

Frequently Asked Questions

Is online therapy suitable for teenagers?

Yes, online therapy can be suitable for teenagers struggling with anxiety, depression, bullying, and family problems. Online therapy for teenagers is convenient, cost-effective, and accessible for individuals who might feel intimidated by traditional settings.

How do I know if my teenager is ready for online therapy?

Your teenager may be ready for online therapy if they can discuss their feelings virtually. Don’t hesitate to gauge their comfort level by asking directly.

Can parents be involved in their teenager's online therapy sessions?

Whether parents can participate in their teenagers' online therapy sessions depends on the child’s specific needs. The level of parental involvement is also up to the therapist’s discretion. Some online therapy services may offer sessions for parents and children to discuss family dynamics.

How frequently are online therapy sessions typically scheduled for teenagers?

How frequently your teen attends online therapy depends on the severity of their problems and what their therapist suggests. As per the American Psychiatric Association, weekly sessions are best for individual therapy [*].

How can parents support and encourage their teenagers to engage in online therapy?

Parents can support and encourage their teenagers to attend online therapy sessions by normalizing seeking help. Reassure your child that online therapy is a safe and effective method for receiving support and guidance.

Be patient when you need to. Some teenagers may require more encouragement than others—being hesitant is normal! Be as involved in the process as they are comfortable and celebrate their progress.

The Bottom Line

For many teenagers, seeking therapy is a big deal. Online therapy provides an accessible, convenient, and affordable option for teens who may not be ready for in-person sessions or who have financial restraints.

As with any therapy program, CBT plays a significant role in improving your child’s symptoms. Explore our CBT worksheets as part of your child’s therapy journey.


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  2. Will L. “How Long Will It Take for Treatment to Work?” American Psychiatric Association, 2017.

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