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Key Takeaways:

  • Learning about the growth mindset can be fun with the right tools, like books, posters, and quotes.
  • Books on growth mindset can teach resilience, how to embrace challenges, and even improve one’s self-esteem.

Learning about the growth mindset vs. the fixed mindset can be fun! You can make use of growth mindset books for kids to teach them how capable they are of learning new skills, adjusting to change, and solving different issues. It can be difficult to break free of a fixed mindset even as an adult, so it’s great that kids can read books like this. These books about growth mindset are a great place to start if you want to teach your children resilience.

Best Growth Mindset Books for Kids

1. What Do You Do With a Chance? - Kobi Yamada

In this tale, a young boy receives his first opportunity and, confused about what to do with it, lets it pass. Later, when another opportunity presents itself, he grabs for it, but this time he misses and stumbles. He starts avoiding new opportunities that present themselves even though he still wants to take them because he is embarrassed and afraid. Finally, one day, he understands that in order to discover the fantastic things that can occur when he takes a chance, he doesn't always need to be brave.

Price: $9.99 on Amazon, $9.99 on Barnes & Noble

What the Road Said

2. What the Road Said - Cleo Wade

It's okay to lose your way when you experience fear. Author and activist Cleo Wade's best-selling book What the Road Said encourages us to live kindly and curiously while keeping in mind that moving forward is the most important thing we can do.

Price: $11.69 on Amazon, $12.99 on Barnes & Noble

Salt in His Shoes

3. Salt in His Shoes - Michael Jordan

One of the most inspiring growth mindset books for kids is written by none other than Michael Jordan. Michael believes that being short is to blame for his lack of basketball skills. To grow taller, his mother tells him to pray and put salt in his shoes. However, time passes, and he doesn't grow much taller. Finally, Michael discovers from his father that being taller isn't everything and that practice, perseverance, and doing your best are what will truly make a difference. The rest of Michael Jordan’s career is history!

Price: $8.99 on Amazon, $8.99 on Barnes & Noble

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

4. The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes - Mark Pett

Beatrice Bottomwell never ever makes a mistake. Her life is ruled by the fear of one day making a mistake up until the day she comes dangerously close to spilling a few eggs. In order to avoid making mistakes, Beatrice starts to withdraw from her activities. Yet following an unexpected event during the school talent show, Beatrice learns a valuable lesson about making mistakes. Students with growth mindsets view mistakes differently from others, and learning about this new perspective can be valuable for all kids.

Price: $9.69 on Amazon, $14.99 on Barnes & Noble

The Little Butterfly That Could

5. The Little Butterfly That Could - Ross Burach

In addition to providing a fun lesson on butterfly migration, this humorous book pays loving homage to every child's battle to persevere through difficulties. Remember: try again if the first time doesn't work! This is a great growth mindset read aloud book.

Price: $11.29 on Amazon, $5.99 on Scholastic

What Do You Do With a Problem?

6. What Do You Do With a Problem? - Kobi Yamada

In this book, a child is faced with a hypothetical issue and is unsure of how to handle it. He worries about his situation, tries to avoid it, and is ultimately afraid of it. The child continues to be terrified until one day, when he can no longer stand it, he decides he must face the problem. He suddenly realizes that it wasn't as serious as he thought it was, and it actually contained a unique opportunity.

Price: $9.38 on Amazon, $9.99 on Barnes & Noble

Jabari Jumps

7. Jabari Jumps - Gaia Cornwall

In this charming book, a kid named Jabari tells his father that he is now prepared to jump off the diving board in their swimming pool. Yet, when it comes to actually jumping, Jabari seems scared. Jabari allows other children to move ahead of him as he waits in line to ascend the stairs leading to the diving board. Jabari eventually makes it up the ladder, but he quickly goes back down and decides to wait till tomorrow. The following day, he climbs up once more and, after giving himself a brief pep talk, finally jumps!

In this story, we can see the fear that everyone experiences when confronted with new obstacles. As Jabari struggles to make his first dive, his father helps him by offering encouragement and support.

Price: $6.99 on Amazon, $7.99 on Penguin Random House

The Book of Mistakes

8. The Book of Mistakes - Corinna Luyken

Sometimes what appears to be a failed artistic mess turns into the most stunning artwork. This book, which is beautifully illustrated, reminds us that creation (in both art and life) is a process that calls for perseverance and faith.

Price: $13.59 on Amazon, $18.99 on Penguin Random House

The Most Magnificent Thing

9. The Most Magnificent Thing - Ashley Spires

A girl sets out to create the most amazing thing. All she needs to do is create it because she already knows how it will work. She tries and fails often because creating this most amazing thing is anything but simple. She eventually reaches a breaking point and decides to give up. The girl decides to take her dog for a walk and suddenly finds her perspective renewed. She ultimately succeeds in creating the most magnificent thing.

Price: $16.49 on Amazon, $18.99 on Barnes & Noble

That’s Life

10. That’s Life - Ame Dyckman

One child learns that life is truly what you make of it once Life comes knocking on their door. Life is strange and might not always cooperate, but when it is accepted for all of its oddities, its beauty is revealed. The humor-filled idioms in this book will appeal to readers of all ages and provide deeper insights into many life milestones and stages.

Price: $13.21 on Amazon, $9.99 on Little Brown and Company

My Strong Mind

11. My Strong Mind - Niels Van Hove

Kate is a happy and active girl who does well at school and has many friends. But she sometimes has difficulties at school or at home, just like every girl does. This book explores how Kate approaches her daily struggles with a growth mindset by using her strong mind. Goal-setting, positive self-talk, accepting failure as learning, visualizing an issue, breathing exercises or mindfulness, gratitude, and controlled distraction are some of the approaches Kate uses in this book. Overall, it can serve as a guide to different growth mindset techniques for kids.

Price: $12.50 on Amazon, $12.50 on Barnes & Noble

After the Fall

12. After the Fall - Dan Santat

Everyone is familiar with the tale of Humpty Dumpty sitting on a wall, but what actually happened when he fell? The protagonist of this tale is Humpty Dumpty, a bird watcher whose favorite place to watch birds used to be on the wall—until he fell. At present, Humpty is frightened of heights... until he confronts his phobia.

Price: $9.92 on Amazon, $16.49 on Barnes & Noble

Flight School

13. Flight School - Lita Judge

The young penguin is adamant about learning to fly because he has seen other birds doing it. He also believes he has the soul of an eagle. He enrolls in a flight school to gain the skills, but despite finishing last in his class, he is steadfast in his desire to become a pilot. Finally, the little penguin achieves his goal of flying with a little assistance.

Price: $16.26 on Amazon, $18.99 on Barnes & Noble

I Can’t Do That, YET

14. I Can’t Do That, YET - Esther Cordova

This book shows us the value of the word “yet” in cultivating a growth mindset. The main character considers all of her possible future selves and learns that with effort and commitment, she is capable of achieving any goal.

Price: $10.99 on Amazon, $10.99 on Barnes & Noble

Manjhi Moves a Mountain

15. Manjhi Moves a Mountain - Nancy Churnin

Using a hammer and chisel, Dashrath Manjhi carved a passage through the mountain separating his poor town from the surrounding village with schools, marketplaces, and a hospital. With tenacity, determination, and twenty years to spare, he eventually made it. Everyone can make a difference if their heart is big enough, as Manjhi Moves a Mountain shows us.

Price: $17.45 on Amazon, $5.96 on Scholastic

More Growth Mindset Resources

Children’s books for growth mindset are excellent resources to encourage learning at home or in the classroom. Whether you read them aloud together or silently to yourself, the above books about growth mindset can really help your child develop a more helpful perspective when they encounter life’s obstacles.

Other excellent resources include growth mindset quotes for everyday inspiration and growth mindset posters that can serve as reminders and guides. By using these different resources, kids can improve their growth mindset and become lifelong learners who won’t back down from challenges.