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Anxiety Worksheets for Kids

By Michael Vallejo, LCSW

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Anxiety is a normal feeling that results from stress. For example, a kid may feel anxious due to an overwhelming situation — such as starting school, moving to a new place, and the loss of a loved one.

As a parent, teacher, or mental health professional, you can work hand-in-hand using this collection of anxiety worksheets for kids. These resources will allow them to identify their anxiety triggers, let go of their worries, and learn new coping skills.

These are all great for providing them with the support they need as part of their healing process.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rebecca L.

As described, good format, very helpful.

Madisen H.

I really love this product

Tara C.

My 17-year-old Asperger's son is a physical body of anxiety. No matter what I do, anti-anxiety fidget I buy him, he is still full of anxiety. So, I saw this bundle and I feel going through these pages and having him see on paper what his anxiety looks like and how controlling it is for him and learn coping skills to help relieve it, may help him become less full of anxiety and relax more. This is his last year of high school, and his entire school experience has not been a pleasant one to say the least. I would love for him to have his last year with less anxiety.

Charley W.

The worksheets are really good I brought lots from different sets as well. They are really helpful due to my autism and the person I brought for was really helpful in helping me work out the price and sort out things I needed help with. The downloads need instructions but mum worked it out. Overall brilliant.