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Key Takeaways:

  • Students with a growth mindset view qualities as malleable instead of being fixed.
  • Better school performance and positive relationships are some of the benefits of a growth mindset.
  • Growth mindset posters reinforce positive messages about improvement and progress.

Having a growth mindset in the classroom is becoming increasingly common in many educational settings. Teaching students how to grasp and develop this mindset effectively has taken on even more importance, with many schools now making it their central philosophy.

One effective strategy for promoting a growth mindset is the use of growth mindset posters. These visual aids serve as constant reminders of the core principles of a growth mindset, such as the value of effort, the importance of persistence, and the benefits of embracing challenges.

Here, we discuss what a growth mindset is and list 18 growth mindset posters for students to feel inspired and motivated.

What is a Growth Mindset?

A growth mindset considers intelligence and talent as qualities that can be improved through time. It is simply the belief that one can develop one's abilities through deliberate effort and activity.

When comparing a growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset, the latter believes that individuals are born with a fixed capacity for intelligence, talents, and other abilities.

For example, a student with a growth mindset sees their mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow. Instead of feeling defeated by a low grade on a math test, they analyze what went wrong, seek help from the teacher, and put in extra practice to improve their skills. This student understands that mistakes are not a reflection of their inherent ability but rather a stepping stone toward mastery [*].

How Can Growth Mindset Posters Benefit Students in the Classroom?

Posters serve as visual reminders of the growth mindset philosophy, which then encourages students to adopt it. Instilling a growth mindset in the classroom with the use of these posters can help them in the following ways [*][*]:

  • Increased engagement and academic performance
  • Formation of more positive relationships
  • Improved physical fitness and health
  • Development of resilience
  • Students are more likely to help one another and celebrate each other’s progress

The key is to regularly expose students to these powerful messages!

18 Growth Mindset Posters for Classrooms

Start promoting a growth mindset in the classroom by checking out the list of posters below.

These posters can be used in various ways, such as decorating your classroom walls, incorporating them into lesson plans, or using them as discussion tools. Feel free to use them as a source of inspiration for games and arts and crafts activities!

Growth Mindset

1. Growth Mindset

This growth mindset poster is designed to introduce students to the concept of a growth mindset by focusing on three key elements: alternative thoughts, the power of "yet," and strategies for dealing with mistakes. For example, instead of saying “I made a mistake,” the poster suggests “Mistakes help me learn.”

Download the poster

Success Iceberg Poster

2. Success Iceberg

The Success Iceberg is a visual metaphor that illustrates the different factors that lead to success. The results of success are what people see (the visible part above water) while hard work, sacrifice, and taking action are what people don’t see (the hidden part below water).

Dowload the poster

growth mindset vs fixed mindset poster

3. Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

A growth mindset lays the foundation for a child’s academic, social, and emotional development. This poster contrasts the core beliefs of a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset through different messages. For example, while a fixed mindset says “I can’t do this,” a growth mindset says “I can try a different strategy.”

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Tips to Improve Self-Motivation (PDF)

4. Tips to Improve Self-Motivation

Here, students learn practical tips and strategies to boost their productivity. It begins by stating the benefits of motivation, such as increased confidence. This handout can be highly beneficial for students across various aspects of their academic journey!

Download the poster

Ways to Achieve Success

5. 101 Ways to Achieve Success

There are different strategies for students to earn good grades and even develop emotional intelligence. As one of the best growth mindset teaching guides, this resource introduces a wide range of success techniques, such as using to-do lists and staying true to one’s values.

Download the poster

How To Develop Self-Discipline

6. How To Develop Self-Discipline

Young people who overcome challenges and achieve their goals through discipline can develop a belief in their abilities. This handout teaches techniques students can implement daily, such as removing temptations and even engaging in exercise.

Download the poster

All About Self-Confidence

7. All About Self-Confidence

Introducing the topic of self-confidence early in the school year sets a positive tone and mindset for students. You may also do it before major assessments, exams, or challenging projects. Use this poster as a resource for students to feel more confident. It includes affirmations to practice and behaviors to avoid.

Download the poster


8. SMART Goals

Are you conducting a mid-year review to assess students' progress towards their goals? Use this opportunity to discuss SMART goals to help them recommit to achieving their desired outcomes. In this poster, they’ll discover 5 steps and a list of do’s and don’ts.

Download the poster

Overcoming Failure

9. Overcoming Failure

Failure is a natural part of learning in classrooms. For instance, a student may have difficulty understanding some academic concepts, which leads them to experiencing initial failures. This handout on overcoming failure sends the message that mistakes are okay and encouraged.

Download the poster

All About Being Proactive, Self-Directed

10. All About Being Proactive, Self-Directed

This handout aims to educate young people on the advantages of adopting a proactive approach—taking initiative and making choices that anticipate and prevent problems before they occur. It also lists different factors that prevent them from being proactive.

Download the poster

Grit, Determination, and Diligence

11. Grit, Determination, and Diligence

Grit and determination are essential qualities that help children and teens persevere through challenging tasks in school. Moreover, they’re keys to being able to learn a new sport, try a new hobby, or set bigger goals. In this handout, students will discover action steps to get started.

Download the poster

Goal Setting Tips For Success

12. Goal Setting Tips For Success

While goal setting is a powerful tool for motivation and achievement, its effectiveness depends on how specific goals are and whether there’s an action plan involved. Help students avoid the pitfalls of ineffective goal setting by sharing this handout with them!

Download the poster

persistence poster

13. All About Persistence

Children who lack persistence may abandon tasks the moment they experience difficulty. However, persistence is necessary for academic success as supported by research [*]. Check out this handout which outlines the top reasons for practicing persistence and 9 tips.

Download the poster

the power of yet

14. The Power Of YET

Some kids may not have a "can-do" attitude initially, which can impact their approach to challenges and goals. Without believing in their ability to succeed, they may feel anxious about making mistakes. Here’s a wall art that will encourage your students to embrace the power of yet!

Download the poster

All About Being Proactive, Self-Directed

15. All About Leadership Skills

Schools can integrate leadership development into curriculum through courses, projects, and discussions. This handout on being a good leader highlights leadership qualities and ways to succeed as a leader—such as being honest and kind.

Download the poster

All About Having A Long-Term Perspective

16. All About Having A Long-Term Perspective

Having a long-term perspective involves making decisions and taking actions that prioritize future benefits over immediate gratification or comfort. In addition to these growth mindset quotes, this handout shows different ways kids and teens can embrace a long-term perspective—starting with defining what success and happiness mean!

Download the poster

All About Taking Risks For Success

17. All About Taking Risks For Success

Some students are hesitant to take risks because they’re worried about making mistakes or not meeting expectations. Moreover, desire for flawless performance can lead to avoidance of situations where failure is possible. To help students get out of their comfort zones, teachers can use this handout during lessons on personal development.

Download the poster

growth mindset  handouts bundle pdf

18. Growth Mindset Handouts Bundle

For students who need more motivational content, I would recommend this growth mindset bundle. It includes all the posters we tackled earlier. They can be shared with other parents, caregivers, and faculty members!

Download the bundle

The Bottom Line

Starting today, you can help instill a growth mindset in the classroom with the use of these posters. Teaching growth mindset in education settings leads not just to academic success but also personal success in the students you care for.

Feel free to pair these handouts with relevant activities to reinforce what students learn. For more handouts, explore our Growth Mindset collection.


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