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Key Takeaways:

  • Affirmations are powerful statements that are positive, encouraging, and motivational.
  • The most powerful kind of affirmations are the ones we tell ourselves.
  • Growth mindset affirmations allow children to develop a growth mindset.

Affirmations are powerful statements that can help us improve our outlook on life. When we give ourselves affirmations, it can be with either a growth mindset or a fixed mindset approach. Growth mindset affirmations, in particular, can help kids believe that they can take on challenges and improve their abilities. It also increases their confidence and sense of self-worth.

Here, we’ll explain how affirmations can help kids develop a growth mindset. We’ll also be sharing a few growth mindset affirmations to get you started.

What are Growth Mindset Affirmations?

Growth mindset affirmations are statements that are positive in nature. They are also called growth mindset statements, and they are typically encouraging and motivational in nature. Kids can receive affirmations from others, such as their parents, teachers, and peers. These affirmations can have a great effect on children’s mindsets.

The most powerful affirmations, however, are those that children tell themselves. This is a form of self-talk, which is one’s internal dialogue or how kids talk to themselves. Self-talk can be positive or negative, and it can come from anywhere. It can take the form of a helpful statement from someone else or an inspiring growth mindset quote from a book or the internet.

Self-talk plays a big role in our self-esteem and confidence. With enough practice, it becomes easier and more natural to do. Growth mindset affirmations can improve self-esteem and well-being. These positive statements help children develop a more optimistic outlook about themselves and others.

25 Growth Mindset Affirmations for Kids

Growth mindset affirmations are effective for people of any age, but they are especially important for kids who are just starting to learn about their abilities, limitations, and motivations. Here are 25 affirmations for a growth mindset that will boost kids’ confidence and ability to take on challenges.

1. I can do hard things!

Life is fun when it’s easy, but it can also get difficult. Teaching kids that they can tackle hard things can motivate them to keep going even when it gets rough.

2. I can succeed with determination and constant effort.

Success often comes from a person’s sheer determination and continued effort. This affirmation will teach your kids that working hard and putting in the effort can lead them to their goals.

3. I am never giving up. I got this.

When facing challenges in life, it may be tempting to give up. However, this line of thought is more of a fixed mindset. When kids are taught never to give up, they will develop the perseverance necessary to do difficult things and reach their goals.

4. I can do this!

Sometimes kids need to coach themselves. Saying “I can do this!” is highly motivating and can encourage children to keep trying.

5. I am proud of my achievements.

It is important to recognize one’s achievements, especially if they required a lot of effort! Let your children say this out loud. It will give them the confidence to tackle bigger challenges and achieve more.

6. I haven’t figured it out YET.

It can be frustrating when you just can’t seem to figure things out. It might be a new grammar rule or a math problem that your kids are struggling with. Remind them of the power of the word “yet.” They may not know how to do something, but that’s because they just haven’t figured it out yet. The more they try, the closer they’ll get to the answer.

7. Learning is my superpower.

Not everybody is a good learner, so having this skill can be considered a superpower indeed! By allowing your children to become better learners, they will be able to tackle more concepts and solve more problems. This will empower them to discover more and do more in life.

8. The more I practice, the more I improve.

They say that practice makes perfect. But rather than aiming for perfection, it is better to help your kids improve. This will help them appreciate the time and effort that goes into practicing as well as the results it can produce — even without being perfect.

9. Mistakes help me learn and grow.

Mistakes are part of learning and growing. Children can repeat this affirmation whenever they feel bad about messing up and can, instead, treat it as a normal part of the process.

10. I am strong and powerful.

Kids are usually stronger than they realize. Help them internalize this with a simple affirmation stating that they are strong and powerful. It will give them the motivation to do more and be more.

11. The best way to learn is to keep trying.

Learning is important, but it rarely happens overnight. Your kids may feel bad if they cannot grasp something right away. In this instance, it helps to tell them that the best way to learn is to keep trying.

12. When I don’t succeed, I try again.

Similar to trying again to keep learning, continued efforts may also lead your kids to success. Encourage your kids to try again when they don’t succeed; the accomplishment they hope to achieve may be just around the corner.

13. I care for myself.

Caring for oneself is essential to growth. When children are taught to care for their physical, emotional, and mental health, it contributes directly to their development into strong and capable individuals. Teach your kids to remember this simple affirmation to remind them that caring for oneself is necessary.

14. I embrace challenges. I can overcome them.

Challenges can be tough to handle. Children may feel as if obstacles and difficulties are the end of the world. Guide them with an affirmation that says they can embrace and, eventually, overcome these challenges. They will feel more capable of handling more difficult problems the more they practice this.

15. This could take some time. I should stick with it.

Expecting results right away is not only unrealistic but can also lead to frustration for kids. Teach them that things usually take time, and sticking with it can eventually lead to results. Being patient is key here.

16. Nothing starts out easy; it gets easier with practice.

Kids can also benefit from learning that not everything starts out easy. In fact, a lot of things are difficult. However, it does get easier with practice. This will encourage your kids to keep at it until challenges become easy for them.

17. Quitting once makes it a habit — don’t quit.

While it’s important to know your limits, it’s also just as important to recognize how far you can go. Quitting can become an easy habit to fall into, so it’s important to encourage kids to keep trying so that they can achieve what they set out to do.

18. Keep going; keep growing.

This simple and catchy affirmation can inspire kids to simply keep on going. Even if they’ve had a bad day or failed at something, the idea that they can further improve and keep growing can motivate them to keep going.

19. I believe in me.

Believing in oneself is crucial to succeeding. By asking your kids to say “I believe in me,” you are allowing them to increase their self-efficacy, which in turn improves how much they think they can achieve.

20. As long as I put my mind to it, anything is possible.

Grit and determination are skills that many adults constantly work on, but they’re never too early to learn! Share with your kids how putting your mind to anything can open doors to different possibilities.

21. I choose to find hopeful and optimistic ways to look at obstacles and roadblocks.

Encountering obstacles and roadblocks can be daunting for kids. Instead of being afraid of these difficulties, invite them to be more hopeful and optimistic about what the challenge can bring. You can use tools such as growth mindset posters to help your kids look at things more positively.

22. I am a problem solver.

Sometimes labeling ourselves as certain things can help us embody that identity. If we say “I am strong,” then our belief that we are strong increases. The same goes for saying “I am a problem solver.” This is more likely to help your child believe that they can, indeed, solve problems.

23. My brain is like a muscle, so I exercise it every day.

The brain is not static. It is a dynamic organ that makes new connections every day. Have your child repeat this affirmation to allow them to remember that the brain is a muscle. It needs to be worked out regularly in order to grow.

24. I always do my best.

Kids may sometimes feel like they are not doing enough. By having them say this affirmation, they will be more inclined to do their best and feel proud of their efforts.

25. I’m brave enough to go after my dreams.

To go after your dreams takes plenty of courage. Allow your child to believe that they are brave enough to pursue their dreams, even if it will be a difficult journey.

Empower Your Kids With These Growth Mindset Affirmations

Kids usually think that intelligence is fixed and that there is nothing they can do to change it. Children who hold this belief avoid difficulties for fear of failing. It also makes many kids give up at the first sign of difficulty. By going through these growth mindset affirmations, you can help kids in changing their perceptions of intellect, learning, and even their own potential.

Your kids will learn about their potential. They can do even the most difficult of things; all it takes is patience, practice, and a few affirmations.