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Key Takeaways:

  • Anger is a common, valid, and healthy emotion when felt in moderation.
  • Children can use workbooks designed to help with anger to help them manage these strong emotions.
  • Consulting a professional is always helpful when it concerns managing anger.

Anger is a valid, common, and healthy emotion in moderation. Everyone gets angry sometimes. It enables us to defend our own interests and speak out for ourselves when we have been wronged. However, being angry can often lead to unfavorable outcomes.

Using anger management workbooks can help you learn about how anger adversely affects physical and emotional health, performance at work or school, relationships, and other aspects of life. To encourage motivation for change, we recommend using an anger management workbook for kids early in anger management interventions. It will help your child in understanding how anger has affected their lives, as well as how they might change their behavior to make life easier and better.

Best Anger Management Workbooks for Kids

One of the best ways to approach anger management is to use a workbook specifically designed for kids. Here are some of the best workbooks that children struggling with anger can use to manage their emotions in a more productive way:

1. Anger Management Workbook for Kids: 50 Fun Activities to Help Children Stay Calm and Make Better Choices When They Feel Mad

Like joy, sorrow, and fear, anger is a common emotion, but it can be challenging to know how to express it positively. This workbook has 50 stimulating exercises to help kids manage strong emotions. It teaches children how to control their anger and make wiser decisions in the most entertaining way. Kids will learn all about anger, choose from assorted and engaging exercises, and work on feel-good habits to help themselves react better in situations that make them mad.

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2. Anger Management Skills Workbook for Kids: 40 Awesome Activities to Help Children Calm Down, Cope, and Regain Control

While some kids have a natural ability to control their emotions, a lot of kids don't have the tools they need to deal with their anger in productive and healthy ways. Through 40 entertaining activities, this warm, interesting workbook assists kids ages 5 to 10 in building solid anger management skills.

Kids will learn to feel calmer and more in control, which will help them build stronger bonds with family and friends and solve issues at school. They will also learn to recognize their feelings and challenge negative thought patterns. Each chapter ends with a bonus section that allows kids and their parents or guardians to put the lessons they've learned into practice.

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3. The Anger Workbook for Kids: Fun DBT Activities to Help You Deal with Big Feelings and Get Along with Others

Kids frequently require extra support in order to control their emotions, and this is particularly true when it comes to anger. Temper tantrums and uncontrolled rage can affect friendships, academic progress, and other aspects of life. However, kids can become more aware of their anger and better manage it with the aid of this workbook.

The Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)-based hands-on activities in The Anger Workbook for Kids help children manage their anger, regulate their emotions, handle peer conflict, and express strong emotions in healthier ways. Additionally, kids will learn how their anger affects others and what to do when it damages friendships or other relationships.

This workbook helps kids identify anger triggers, understand and express their feelings, hit pause when anger takes over, and repair friendships affected by anger.

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4. The Self-Regulation Workbook for Kids: CBT Exercises and Coping Strategies to Help Children Handle Anxiety, Stress, and Other Strong Emotions

Children who struggle with self-regulation may find it more difficult to get along with friends and family, perform poorly in school, and find it more difficult to complete daily tasks. This workbook allows the reader to follow the journey of a character who also experiences several emotions and thoughts while learning how to control them.

Kids may explore and express their emotions with the help of this relatable character in the Self-Regulation Workbook for Kids. There are engaging worksheets and tried-and-true exercises that kids can make use of. The CBT-based exercises and suggestions in this workbook will provide kids with practical coping mechanisms that they can use each time they feel anxious, angry, or disturbed.

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5. Anger Management Activities for Kids: 50+ Exercises for Understanding Feelings, Staying Calm, and Managing Strong Emotions

Everyone gets upset, and that's okay; what matters is how you express your anger. More than 50 fun exercises are included in Anger Management Activities for Kids to help children understand and control their anger so they can let it out safely without hurting anyone or themselves.

There are entertaining activities that explain the origins of anger, how it feels, how to express feelings, how to control temper, and even how to recognize and support others when they are angry. Kids can use their creativity, have fun, and get creative as they learn how to manage their anger with the help of this workbook. This workbook contains a mix of activities and other kids’ stories to help children learn tips and tricks about identifying and managing anger.

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6. Anger Management Workbook for Kids - 50+ Fun and Engaging Activities to Help Children Regain Control and Become Calmer and Happier

Children experience a wide range of unpleasant emotions that they cannot always comprehend. They haven’t yet developed the appropriate coping tools to assist them to manage such feelings, whether it's because unpleasant things are happening to them or around them.

There are numerous ways parents and guardians may help. Providing them with the resources they can utilize independently while ensuring that they receive support during the entire process of managing their anger is the most efficient approach. Children can work on 50+ interesting and entertaining activities in the Anger Management Workbook for Kids to help them regain control and feel calmer and happier in stressful situations.

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7. I'm Not Bad, I'm Just Mad: A Workbook to Help Kids Control Their Anger

Most kids learn at a young age to quit acting out, talking back, and defying their parents by refusing to take a bath or go to bed. However, some kids struggle with impulsivity and self-control. These difficulties can cause some extremely major complications in adolescence and adulthood if they are not treated. Children as young as three years old are at risk for having issues with controlling their anger, which is the main reason why parents refer their kids to therapy. It is beneficial to deal with children's anger issues as soon as possible because they may be signs of other serious issues.

The forty activities in I'm Not Bad, I'm Just Mad address topics like identifying anger triggers, improved problem-solving, and communication strategies for resolving disputes before they escalate. The workbook examines typical lifestyle problems including sleep deprivation that can exacerbate rage issues. Kids can discuss their feelings and gain control over them by engaging in these enjoyable activities.

You can buy this on Amazon for $17.95.

Learning how to manage anger doesn’t have to be a solitary endeavor for children. There are many tools that can help, such as the workbooks mentioned above. With the guidance of a parent or a guardian, it can be easier to manage one’s angry emotions with the activities and stories in these workbooks.

If your child still struggles with anger issues despite working through these worksheets and activities, then it is always a good idea to consult a professional.

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