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Tips To Improve Social Skills (SOCIABLE Acronym)

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Social skills help people talk and get along with others. They include listening, speaking clearly, understanding others' feelings, and knowing how to start and end conversations. For people with ADHD, social skills can sometimes be more challenging. Thankfully, there are strategies and activities available to make social interactions more enjoyable and engaging for them.

The Tips to Improve Social Skills handout is a useful resource that teaches kids and teens ways to improve their social skills. It presents the acronym SOCIABLE, which stands for Smile, Open body language, Courage, Include others, Active listening, Be kind, Learn conversational skills, and Express emotions.

Following the tips on this handout can help kids and teens experience improvements in the way they communicate, which helps strengthen their friendships and increase their confidence in social situations. They might be more eager to practice if they take small steps to make the process less stressful and more rewarding. For instance, they could begin by aiming to chat with a friend every day and then do it more often as they feel more comfortable.

Parents and teachers can also offer support by teaching them social cues and helping them develop scripts to use in conversations. They can also do a role-playing activity to practice and reinforce their social skills.

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