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What Is Walking The Middle Path In DBT? (PDF)

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Walking the Middle Path is a DBT skill initially developed to address conflicting viewpoints in family relationships. It stresses two important components of DBT, which are acceptance and change. Research shows that walking the middle path can be effective in reducing behavioral problems and emotional dysregulation.

The What Is Walking The Middle Path In DBT handout features a visual representation of a path between two mountains, which symbolizes a client’s journey of finding balance between extremes. Alongside the path, clients can learn important facts about the skill. The bottom left corner of the handout provides five examples of what walking the middle path looks like in practice.

Using this handout helps kids and teens learn to manage conflicting emotions and assert their needs while also being open to negotiation. As a caring adult, let them know that walking the middle path takes time and practice, so make sure to encourage them along the way.

This handout is a helpful add-on to our dialectical thinking products, including our DBT Dialectical Thinking Worksheet, and our Dialectical Thinking Poster.

Our DBT Walking The Middle Path Skills handout provides a detailed, 1-page overview of several walking-the-middle path skills.

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