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Managing Stress With Visualization Handout

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Visualization is a mental technique in which a person creates detailed scenarios in their mind to feel more relaxed. It may involve imagining the things one desires in life as if they’re already happening. Visualization can be practiced daily and may involve guidance to achieve a desired mental state.

The Managing Stress With Visualization Handout shares some research on the topic. To motivate clients to embrace the practice, it offers 6 tips, such as activating all their senses and staying in the moment.

By practicing visualization, kids and teens can experience benefits like improved mood, reduced muscle tension, and better sleep quality. These visualization strategies may be paired with other Coping Skills for Stress Management. Parents need to remind their kids that, like any skill, visualization takes practice.

This handout can be found in our Stress Management Handouts Bundle, which includes 39 visually appealing handouts offering psychoeducation and examples of stress relief activities.

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