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Managing Stress With Self-Care Handout

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Self-care is the intentional practice of improving or maintaining oneself. There are different types of self-care: physical self-care, mental self-care, and emotional self-care. It can be a struggle for clients with busy schedules, but thankfully, there are small manageable steps that make a huge difference.

The Managing Stress With Self-Care Handout is designed for clients who need guidance on activities that support their well-being. It lists 7 strategies to choose from, such as carving out special moments for oneself and creating a playlist of feel-good songs. At the bottom of the handout, clients will find a “Me Time” pledge to reinforce their commitment to practice self-care.

Engaging in self-care helps kids and teens feel more empowered and reduces feelings of helplessness. This handout can be taught in classrooms and after-school programs. For more ideas, we recommend checking out our 101 Self-Care Activities for Kids & Teens handout.

Feel free to download our 39-page Stress Management Handouts Bundle for many more stress relief options in a visually appealing and educational format.

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