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Managing Stress With Healthy Eating

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Healthy eating to manage stress involves using food as a tool to support one’s mental health. Some foods indeed contain nutrients that impact mood regulation and feelings of calmness. Examples of these nutrients are omega-3 fatty acids and protein.

The Managing Stress With Healthy Eating handout provides research on the impact of high-quality diets and unhealthy options. It also uses the acronym DIET which corresponds to helpful strategies, such as devouring colorful fruits and vegetables and including brain-boosting omega 3s.

Prioritizing nutrient-rich foods helps lower anxiety levels in kids and teens while keeping them energized. For parents and caregivers promoting healthy eating in children, we recommend involving them in meal planning. This is great for giving them a sense of responsibility for their health and provides opportunities to explain the basics of nutrition.

On that note, we recommend downloading our resource on the Benefits of Healthy Eating.

Feel free to explore our 39-page Stress Management Handouts Bundle, which includes this and other helpful handouts promoting a wide variety of stress management activities.

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