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Managing Stress With Good Sleep

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Getting adequate sleep at night is a vital component of stress management. Research shows that sleep impacts a child’s cognitive functioning and cardiometabolic health. Sleep duration isn’t the only aspect that matters — timing and quality are also important.

The Managing Stress with Good Sleep handout educates clients about the importance of sleep for their emotions. It also offers practical sleep tips, such as creating a calming ritual and eating a light bedtime snack. Each tip includes a simple explanation and a relevant icon to enhance their understanding.

Through this handout, kids and teens are encouraged to improve their sleep habits
, in a way that also meets their needs and unique preferences. For them to learn more, we recommend downloading this Benefits of Good Sleep handout.

This handout can be found in our Stress Management Handouts Bundle along with 38 other pages of information, tips, and strategies to support a stress-free lifestyle.

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