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Feelings Thermometer Chart For Preschool

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A feelings thermometer can be a useful visual tool for preschool children to name, understand, and manage their emotions. It’s a picture of a thermometer that shows different emotional states, ranging from peaceful and confident to frightened and furious. Research shows that young children who communicate their feelings effectively are likely to engage successfully during interactions.

This Feelings Thermometer Chart For Preschool is a tool for classrooms, homes, and therapy rooms. It features a table that associates a set of emotions with certain behaviors—for example, feeling confident can manifest as smiling. Additionally, the thermometer includes coping strategies that clients can use, such as positive self-talk and taking a break.

Recognizing where their feelings are on the thermometer helps with emotional regulation and emotional intelligence in children. Educators may incorporate this feelings thermometer into Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) programs. As a helpful tip, consider teaching kids to identify specific triggers, such as receiving criticism or certain sounds and smells.

Our original, best selling feelings thermometer can be found here. This handout pairs well with our Feelings Thermometer Worksheets bundle for additional application.

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