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ADHD Tips To Improve Effort And Perseverance

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Effort and perseverance are two important attributes that entail working hard and not giving up even when things become challenging. For clients with ADHD, it can be harder to keep putting in effort and sticking with tasks because their brains function differently. However, these things can be improved over time through practice.

The ADHD Tips To Improve Effort And Perseverance assists clients in developing a growth mindset and a strong work ethic. The first section explains what perseverance is while the middle section lists actionable tips, such as making a routine and breaking things down. The final section is divided into two parts: part one introduces the EFFORT acronym and part two highlights key points to keep in mind.

Through this handout, kids and teens will learn to persist in the face of challenges and understand, even at a young age, that nothing worth having comes easy. To track their progress, you can suggest keeping a growth journal. Parents may also offer support by using visual reminders, such as checklists and sticky notes.

This handout can be found in our 29-page ADHD Handouts Bundle, which offers tips and strategies to improve management of ADHD symptoms.

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