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ADHD Handouts Bundle (29 Pages)

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ADHD educational resources, such as handouts, provide a wealth of information on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), including its effects as well as practical advice and strategies. This is especially important since ADHD can impact many areas of a client’s life, including their social relationships and academic performance.

The ADHD Handouts Bundle is a collection of educational resources that can be used by clients with ADHD, including their families and caregivers to understand the condition better. This bundle includes 29 pages covering parenting tips, behavior management strategies, coping skills, and more. Each handout provides simple explanations and icons that illustrate concepts.

Using this bundle can help reduce confusion regarding the approaches to managing ADHD and empower kids and teens to advocate for their needs. When explaining concepts to them, we recommend breaking information into chunks and using relatable scenarios or storytelling. Moreover, encourage them to ask questions about ADHD.

For those kids with ADHD who are receptive to concepts related to success and personal development feel free to pass along some of the resources from our Growth Mindset Handouts Bundle.

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