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ADHD And Managing Big Emotions

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Managing ADHD and strong emotions can be challenging due to the difficulties in controlling reactions and maintaining focus as a result of the condition. Research shows that emotional dysregulation is commonly observed in clients with ADHD, and this may affect their ability to practice self-control and maintain relationships.

The ADHD And Managing Big Emotions handout serves as a guide for clients to work on big emotions. It lists common triggers, such as getting frustrated and feeling overwhelmed. The second part of the handout offers tips to help them achieve emotional control.

Using this handout helps kids and teens learn the importance of emotional regulation for improved social relationships and better behavior at home and school. Our Tips To Improve Social Skills handout can support kids with ADHD who struggle with social interactions.

Parents and caring adults can engage children in a discussion where they identify which emotional regulation strategies they prefer.

This handout can be found in our ADHD Handouts Bundle with 29 pages of psychoeducation and coping skills to help kids better manage ADHD symptoms.

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