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Working Through Anger

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Working through anger means understanding the reasons behind your emotions, reflecting on them, and finding constructive ways to express and manage your feelings. For young people, this is hard due to limited life experience and coping skills. However, developing effective anger management skills early on can lead to better emotional well-being and healthier relationships in the long run.

The Working Through Anger worksheet helps kids and teens describe their experience of anger. It lets them identify their emotions, thoughts, and the consequences of their anger. More importantly, they can identify coping skills in categories like Relaxation, Distraction, Movement, and Thinking.

For kids and teens, recognizing what makes them angry and linking their emotions with coping skills can make managing anger easier. Parents, teachers, and mental health professionals can then gain insights based on a child’s answers to create personalized support plans.

After using the worksheet, parents can assist kids with calming exercises such as deep breaths or yoga to prevent anger outbursts. Teachers might suggest writing or drawing as a positive way for students to express emotions. To differentiate between healthy and unhealthy coping skills, see this Anger Management Coping Skills worksheet.

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