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Wise Mind Worksheet For Kids

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The Wise Mind concept of Dialectical Behavioral (DBT) integrates three states of mind: the emotional mind, the rational mind, and the wise mind. The “wise mind” in particular, combines the awareness of one’s emotions and logical reasoning.

The Wise Mind Worksheet For Kids consists of a Venn diagram that represents the different states of mind. To complete this activity, clients need to recall and write down scenarios where they’ve operated in each state of mind.

Answering this worksheet allows kids and teens to build a connection between their thoughts and actions, and encourages them to approach situations from a more intuitive and mindful perspective. Before getting started, make sure they understand the Wise Mind concept and share examples they can easily relate to.

This worksheet is included in our 5-page Wise Mind DBT Worksheets, which invite individuals to delve deeper into the wise mind concept. It pairs well with our Wise Mind DBT handout, which provides a visually appealing description of wise mind.

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