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Wise Mind DBT (PDF)

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Wise Mind integrates the concepts of reason, emotion, and wisdom to describe an individual's thoughts and behaviors. In Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), the Wise Mind concept represents a state of mind where a client can make decisions and act in a way that balances rational thinking and emotional thinking.

The Wise Mind DBT handout begins with an explanation of what Wise Mind is. Next, it explains the components of the Rational Mind and Emotional Mind, including the Wise Mind as the overlap between them. A Venn diagram is used to illustrate the Wise Mind concept to enhance a client’s understanding.

Learning about Wise Mind helps kids and teens understand the value of combining both emotional thinking and rational thinking to make good decisions. When discussed in a therapy group or classroom, they can engage in self-reflection by doing a collage activity by cutting out images and words from magazines that represent rational thinking and emotional thinking. After completing their collages, kids and teens can share what they created.

This handout pairs well with our 5-page DBT Wise Mind worksheets, which allow for a more in-depth application and reflection on the Wise Mind concept.

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