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What Is Distress Tolerance In DBT? (PDF)

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Distress tolerance is the ability to endure and tolerate distressing situations without making things worse, and is one of the four primary learning modules in DBT. Clients with low distress tolerance struggle to manage intense emotions, which makes them prone to using unhealthy coping mechanisms.

The What is Distress Tolerance in DBT handout introduces distress tolerance by describing its purpose, the three main goals of the skill, and some of its primary benefits. At the bottom of the handout, clients can find a list of specific distress tolerance skills, such as STOP, TIPP, ACCEPTS, and IMPROVE.

When young people use distress tolerance skills, they can experience short-term relief during stressful situations and develop better self-control. A creative tip for helping a child or teen practice distress tolerance at home is to create a calm corner or “relaxation zone” where they can do deep breathing, squeeze a stress ball, or engage in other relaxing distress tolerance activities.

Our Distress Tolerance Skills handout can be a helpful add-on for a detailed, 1-page overview of several distress tolerance skills.

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