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Test Anxiety Coping Statements

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Coping with test anxiety can be challenging for kids and teens facing the pressure of exams. Factors contributing to this anxiety include fear of failure, inadequate preparation, and high expectations to perform well academically. Fortunately, positive affirmations are effective tools that can help manage and reduce test anxiety.

The Test Anxiety Coping Statements handout provides comforting and reassuring phrases that students can use to counteract negative thoughts. Examples might include statements like “My mind is sharp, and my thoughts are clear,” or “I can easily understand and retain what I study.”

Kids and teens using this handout will be continually reminded of their abilities, strengths, and the effort they have put into their studies. Pairing this handout with a self-discipline routine, like setting specific study times and practicing daily relaxation techniques, can further help manage test anxiety.

Caring adults may also download and share our resource on Test Anxiety Coping Skills or Test-Taking Strategies, both of which can be incorporated into a student’s study routine.

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