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Stress Management Techniques (PDF)

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Stress cannot be entirely avoided in life and sometimes, it can be beneficial by allowing an individual to perform and meet deadlines. Rather than trying to stay away from stress, it is more realistic and healthier to learn how to deal with it. This is where stress management techniques come in.

This 9 Stress Management Techniques Handout is a straightforward resource that teaches clients effective ways to reduce stress. Some of the tips covered include being physically active, socializing, and avoiding unhealthy habits. Each technique is accompanied by a brief explanation and an illustration for better understanding.

Implementing these methods has been shown to improve academic performance, boost emotional regulation, and support good health. We recommend setting a specific time each day to make sure your child practices a technique. Even better, pick one technique and turn it into a family activity!

This handout is included in our 39-page Stress Management Handouts Bundle, which provides a wide variety of research-based stress management strategies.

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