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Sleep Hygiene Worksheets

By Michael Vallejo, LCSW

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Sleep hygiene refers to practices that promote better sleep at night. Good sleep has become more important than ever considering the many sleep barriers nowadays, such as phone usage and video games.

Being sleep-deprived or having a poor sleep causes various problems, ranging from irritability to low academic performance. Not to mention, low-quality sleep affects their health.

These worksheets are great for kids and teens who need help getting better sleep. Use this worksheet to help your child or patient appreciate the benefits of good sleep, evaluate their current sleep habits, and establish a bedtime routine for the entire week. If you are an educator or a mental health professional, let your student bring their filled worksheets with them as these will serve as helpful reminders.

What's Included:

  • Sleep Diary - This allows kids to track their sleep patterns
  • What I Do Before Bed - This worksheet invites kids to track activities they do before bedtime to see if any are helpful or less helpful in aiding good sleep.
  • My Sleep In Review - This worksheet invites kids to explore possible sleep barriers and consider what they need to get better sleep.