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Signs of Anger

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Anger manifests differently depending on the person. Some might feel their face getting hot and their fists clenching while others notice their voice sounding louder or more intense than usual. When an angry child or teen notices these signs, they may need some space to cool down.

The Signs of Anger worksheet helps kids and teenagers notice things that happen in their bodies when they're angry. For instance, it might show feelings like tightness in the chest, sweating, or pacing back and forth. The worksheet portrays a road with signs on the sides to portray out what someone might feel physically when anger starts.

By checking the appropriate boxes on the worksheet, kids and teens can practice self-reflection and explore ways to calm down before things get too intense. For instance, if they often get upset during homework, checking the box with the most relevant warning sign can help them realize they might need a break.

After answering the worksheet, kids and teens can create a "calm-down plan" by listing activities that help them relax when feeling angry, such as drawing, listening to music, or taking a short walk. To explore more strategies for managing anger, they can check out the Anger Coping Skills for Teens handout.

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