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Anger Coping Skills for Teens

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Anger coping skills for teens are techniques designed to help them handle and control their anger. They include simple practices like taking deep breaths, talking about feelings, and finding positive outlets when feeling frustrated.

The Anger Coping Skills for Teens handout offers a variety of coping skills to help teens lessen and handle their anger more effectively. Depending on their situation, they can choose the skills that make them feel in control. Teens can select skills from different categories like Flexible Thinking, Relaxation, and Emotional/Physical Release.

By practicing these coping skills, teens can learn to control their emotions better, which leads to less explosive anger. For example, getting creative through drawing or writing helps express emotions positively and brings a sense of relief.

Once they’re done with the handout, parents can plan activities to put these skills into practice. Working on a creative project together is a good start. Teachers can also incorporate short relaxation exercises during breaks to help teens use these skills more often.

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