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Self-Care Wheel Worksheet

By Michael Vallejo, LCSW

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Self-Care is so important for kids and teens to be able to handle stress and improve their health, wellness, and relationships, among other things. This worksheet is an assessment tool that lets kids and teens rate how well they're currently doing in different areas of self-care and then think of additional ways to meet their needs better.

This can be used by parents, teachers, and mental health professionals to encourage kids and teenagers to look after themselves.

What's Included:

  • 2 different versions of the Self-Care Wheel For Kids and Teens main page.
  • 2 pages of Self-Care Examples
  • 2 pages of Self-Care Assessment
  • 1 page of How Balanced Are You With Your Self-Care
  • 1 example page illustrating how to color in your How Balanced Are You With Your Self-Care wheel.
  • 1 page of Self-Care Reflection

(Note: The "How Balanced Are You With Your Self-Care" is not a fillable form, it needs to be printed off and colored by hand.)

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Linsay D.

Love this for my counseling clients!