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Screen Time Tips For Parents And Families

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Screen time refers to the period during which individuals in the home engage with electronic devices such as phones, computers, tablets, and televisions. Research shows that parents play an important role in shaping their child’s use of digital technologies.

The Screen Time Tips For Parents And Families handout provides practical strategies to help parents support their kids and family to reduce screen time and engage in more screen-free activities. It offers 9 tips, including making a daily schedule and setting timers.

Learning these strategies helps promote stronger family relationships while limiting the potential negative effects of excessive screen time, such as sleep problems and increased anxiety. After reading the handout, parents can start modeling the right behaviors. It would also be helpful for families to discuss their challenges related to screen time.

Since children with ADHD and executive function deficits often struggle with self-management of screen time, this handout is included in our 29-page ADHD Handouts Bundle.

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