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Panic Attack Coping Statements

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Panic attack coping statements are affirmations used to handle intense feelings of fear and worry during a panic attack. While not widely known, these affirmations are effective in providing reassurance. Research shows that individuals with more adaptive coping mechanisms (which include positive self-talk) may experience lower levels of anxiety.

The Panic Attack Coping Statements handout offers comfort and stability to clients when they're in distress. It suggests phrases that remind them that their panic attack is temporary and that they're strong enough to get through it. Some of the statements included are "All is well," "I am safe and I'm going to be alright," and "Every cell in my body is relaxed."

Using the coping statements from this handout can help kids and teens regain a sense of control, which lessens the intensity of a panic attack. Saying these phrases while doing deep breathing or progressive muscle relaxation can boost their coping.

As a gentle reminder, caring adults can encourage children and adolescents to stay attuned to their emotions and openly communicate their worries or anxiety symptoms.

Our Panic Attack Coping Skills or What Is A Panic Attack? handouts are helpful add-ons for individuals looking for more panic-related resources.

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