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Panic Attack Coping Skills (PDF)

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Panic attack coping skills are ways people use to handle and lessen the effects of a panic attack. These skills usually involve techniques to control breathing, relax the mind, and feel more in charge when experiencing intense fear or discomfort.

The Panic Attack Coping Skills (PDF) is a helpful guide that teaches kids and teens ways to handle situations that might trigger panic attacks and avoid having an attack. It consists of two parts: the first part features easy-to-follow coping skills. Meanwhile, the second part presents positive habits they can practice to reduce or prevent panic attacks.

By using this handout, kids and teens can take charge of their bodies and minds during a panic attack, lessen the strength of a possible panic episode, and face situations with more confidence. For example, if a teen faces stress at school, applying deep breathing techniques can assist them in staying calm and focused.

To learn more about the condition and treatments, parents and teachers can share the What is a Panic Attack? handout. For instance, during family day, parents can start a “detective” game where kids identify signs of a panic attack versus anxiety.

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Renee N

Super helpful material to use with my patients!

Frederique S

This is great. Very helpful and easy to use.