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Music And The ADHD Brain

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Music can serve as a tool for clients with ADHD, and it helps achieve a sense of calm and focus. Recent research suggests that one’s experience with music can impact various aspects of cognition and behavior, as well as motivation and emotional regulation.

The Music And The ADHD Brain handout aims to teach clients about the positive impact of music. It outlines various benefits of music and provides a concise explanation of how it can support the ADHD brain. Moreover, the handout offers a reminder about the importance of adhering to home and school rules regarding music.

Learning about the benefits of music empowers kids and teens to use non-pharmacological strategies while promoting responsible behavior. After reading the handout, they can create a personalized playlist of their favorite songs. For instance, they might include calming tunes for stress relief after a long day at school.

This handout can be found in our 29-page ADHD Handouts Bundle, which shares strategies and tips to support better management of ADHD symptoms.

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