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Minimization And Magnification CBT Handout

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Minimization and magnification are both cognitive distortions that influence how a client views their strengths and mistakes. While minimization involves downplaying positive events, magnification involves exaggerating flaws or shortcomings. Findings from a study reveal a positive correlation between magnifying negative events and depressive symptoms.

The Minimization and Magnification CBT handout explains in simple terms what these thought patterns are. Clients who use the handout will identify whether they’re engaging in one or both distortions through specific examples. To challenge them, clients can follow any of the 7 strategies listed in the final part of the handout.

Using this handout may help children and teens develop good mental habits, which reduces feelings of anxiety and isolation. While discussing minimization and magnification with them, we recommend asking open-ended questions to share their thoughts and experiences related to the topic.

This handout is included in our CBT Handouts Bundle, which has all 19 of our CBT handouts covering a variety of CBT concepts.

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