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CBT Handouts Bundle (19 Pages)

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a valuable intervention for clients who may be struggling with challenges in their mental health. It’s structured, goal-oriented, and addresses various psychological problems. Clients seeking to learn more about CBT principles or techniques and apply them can benefit from resources such as handouts.

The CBT Handouts Bundle includes a collection of informational resources to support a client’s understanding of CBT and the CBT triangle. It also discusses different cognitive distortions, such as Emotional Reasoning, Overgeneralization, and “Should” statements.

Kids and teens using this bundle can be empowered with knowledge and strategies to improve their mental health, in addition to gaining self-awareness. If they’re already engaged in cognitive therapy, they may use the handout bundle as a supplement to their therapy sessions.

A helpful tip for parents is to offer positive feedback and praise for the child’s efforts in practicing coping strategies to overcome a type of cognitive distortion.

CBT concepts are also incorporated into DBT. For those interested in DBT as a therapeutic intervention, feel free to explore our full collection of DBT products here.

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