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Managing Stress By Spending Time In Nature

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Exposure to natural environments like beaches or parks has long-term physical and mental health benefits. Research shows that spending time in these environments can have protective effects on a person’s mental health and cognitive function.

The Managing Stress By Spending Time In Nature handout outlines how spending time in nature can be a powerful stress management strategy. The handout also suggests ways to enjoy nature and extra tips that clients can follow, such as lying on the grass and observing the night sky.

Learning how nature benefits them helps kids and teens develop an appreciation for and connection with the environment, besides learning healthy coping mechanisms. When incorporated into classroom discussions, we recommend starting with a discussion about stress and its effects. In that regard, check out our handout How Stress Affects The Brain And Body.

This handout can be found in our 39-page Stress Management Handouts Bundle along with many other handouts describing stress-management activities.

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