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DBT Tips For Finding The Middle Path Handout

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Walking the Middle Path is a concept in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) that involves finding a balance between two opposing viewpoints. It integrates skills like validation and acceptance. Learning the art of walking the middle path can help clients develop more adaptive responses to difficult situations in life while also understanding the experiences of others.

The DBT Tips for Finding the Middle Path handout offers actionable tips and insights for clients to validate the experiences, opinions, and emotions of others. It features a scenic pathway that represents their journey towards achieving more peaceful relationships by “finding a middle ground.”

Using this handout helps kids and teens approach situations involving other people with flexibility, especially as they view things from different angles. After learning about walking the middle path, they can engage in an art activity where they can draw or paint their understanding of the skill.

Our Dialectical Thinking worksheet provides an opportunity for application, and our Dialectical Thinking poster provides additional examples of the “middle path” concept.

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