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DBT Mindfulness "How" Skills Worksheets

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DBT “How” skills include practicing non-judgmental, one-mindful, and effectiveness techniques when increasing mindfulness. These “how” skills are effective mindfulness skills that can be applied in various situations to achieve desired outcomes.

The DBT Mindfulness "How" Skills Worksheets include three worksheet activities in which clients can reflect on their situation where non-judgmental, one-mindful, and effective skills are needed. For example, the worksheet for the “one-mindful” technique asks them to describe situations when they fully participated in the present moment and identify the benefits they experienced by checking the appropriate boxes.

Using these worksheets helps kids and teens improve their quality of life by addressing different problems they may be experiencing relating to their mood and lifestyle. In addition to completing these worksheets, they can practice journaling and other DBT techniques.

These worksheets can be used with the DBT “How” Skills handout to increase understanding of each skill and easily recall them. The worksheets can also be paired with our corresponding non-judgmental, one-mindful, and effectiveness handouts to increase engagement in the skills.

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