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DBT Mindfulness "How" Skills (PDF)

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DBT “How” skills encompass practicing non-judgmental, one-mindfully, and effectiveness techniques while engaging in mindfulness. Non-judgmental practices involve acknowledging both helpful and harmful attributes without passing judgment. One-mindfully entails being fully present in the moment by focusing on one task at a time, whereas effectiveness means being mindful of one's goals and values.

The DBT Mindfulness "How" Skills handout summarizes each skill and includes helpful tips and visuals to help clients effectively apply them to different situations. For example, the “Non-Judgmental” skill reminds them to stick to the facts and not label an experience as good or bad.

Using this handout helps kids and teens learn to change their responses to their experiences and they will learn to tap into their wise mind so they can make better decisions. They can practice going an entire day without multitasking, or taking mental note each time they have a judgmental thought of themselves or others.

This handout pairs well with our DBT “How” Skills Worksheets, to provide an opportunity to apply and reflect upon each skill. Our 1-page non-judgmental, one-mindful, and effectiveness handouts are also helpful add-ons.

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