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Anxious Thoughts Breakdown

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Breaking down anxious thoughts is the process of untangling worries and fears in one's mind to see them more clearly. For kids and teens, it means sorting through their thoughts, figuring out why they feel anxious, and learning helpful ways to deal with those feelings — such as replacing negative thoughts with positive ones or getting help from trusted people.

The Anxious Thoughts Breakdown worksheet lets kids and teens write down their anxious thoughts and replace them with truthful ones. The second part of the worksheet asks them to identify automatic negative thoughts (ANTS) to challenge them. There’s also a Calm Down Thoughts section at the bottom for writing encouraging thoughts to manage anxiety.

Breaking down worry-filled thoughts can make it easier for young people to handle difficult situations with strength and boost their self-esteem. For instance, when dealing with a challenging school project, they can be proactive by breaking it into manageable steps.

After completing the worksheet, parents and teachers can introduce the Worry Jar worksheet, which may serve as a helpful outlet for stress.

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