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Anxiety Coping Statements Affirmation Poster

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Anxiety coping statements are simple phrases designed to alleviate anxious feelings. They typically include affirmations, reminders of personal strengths, or encouraging thoughts. These statements are particularly effective during moments of stress and panic among those who feel overwhelmed and unsure how to cope.

The Anxiety Coping Statements Affirmation Poster is designed to help clients replace negative and untrue thoughts that often dominate their minds. It features sample coping statements that focus on positive thoughts and beliefs, and highlight their inner strengths. These statements encourage taking breaks and maintaining calmness.

Developing a habit of positive mental repetition through these coping statements helps kids and teens counteract self-sabotaging thoughts, behaviors, and anxiety. To reinforce these positive affirmations, we recommend strategically placing the poster in a visible place.

Our Anxiety Coping Statements handout is a helpful add-on, providing a larger pool of statements for individuals to choose from.

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