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Anger Tracker

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An anger tracker is a simple tool that lets kids and teens identify what makes them mad and how they can deal with this emotion healthily. It’s a useful resource in situations where young people experience frustration in different environments, such as their homes and schools.

The Anger Tracker worksheet helps kids and teens try different ways to handle anger, figure out their anger triggers, and see what works for them in real-life situations. In this worksheet, they can rate the effectiveness of each skill on a scale of 1 to 5. Below the fillable table, they can also find more skills under categories like Relaxation, Movement, Distraction, and Thinking.

Using this worksheet empowers young individuals to understand their specific triggers and provides personalized, effective strategies to handle and overcome moments of anger with confidence and resilience.

After completing the anger tracker worksheet, kids and teens can use the Anger Management Coping Skills handout to pick a few healthy strategies that seem easy to follow, like taking deep breaths or talking to an adult when they feel angry, and practice using those skills in real-life situations.

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