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Anger Management Coping Skills

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Anger management coping skills involve understanding emotions and finding good ways to deal with strong feelings like anger. Kids and teens should learn these skills to handle anger better, understand their feelings, and stay safe by knowing what coping behaviors are good and bad.

This Anger Management Coping Skills worksheet introduces two types of coping skills: Unhealthy and Healthy coping skills. The first half of this worksheet helps kids and teens to recognize unhealthy coping skills they can let go of, like temper tantrums, blaming others, and posting negative things on social media. The second half lists healthy coping skills for them to choose from, such as relaxing, positive self-talk, and exercising.

Introducing kids and teens to anger management coping skills can help them build positive lifestyles that resonate with them. For example, learning to relax when feeling upset can make a big difference in how they handle challenges and benefit those around them.

After completing the worksheet, kids and teens can create their calm-down corner at home or in school. With help from their teachers or parents, they can fill it with comfortable things. So, whenever they experience big feelings, they can go to this corner to relax and cope with these emotions.

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Customer Reviews

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Chrissy Farrow
Very cute resource!

I am very satisfied with the Anger Management coping sheet I purchased. I love how colorful it is and my client and her mother found it to be very helpful. I will be using this site again!

Thank you, Chrissy!

Emily Marshall
Easy to administer!

I used the anger trigger and anger unhealthy vs. healthy coping skills worksheets with a group of teenagers and it sparked awareness and conversation. Very helpful, thank you!

Thank you for your wonderful feedback, Emily! We love hearing how our worksheets are being used to benefit kids and teens. We appreciate your support and wish you all the best in the work you do!

Virginia K

Great resources, can't wait to utilize ☻

Maddison V

Super helpful and client-friendly, easy transaction.

Claudia B

Great resource and easily able to download the purchase.