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Anger Behaviors

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Anger behaviors are reactions showing that someone is feeling upset or mad. Young people who often experience difficulties and feel misunderstood may display anger behaviors.

The Anger Behaviors worksheet is a useful tool for kids and teens to handle anger by increasing their awareness of negative behaviors, such as screaming, throwing things, and refusing to participate. They can mark the boxes next to these behaviors to identify how often they happen — never, sometimes, or often.

Gaining self-awareness through this activity helps them understand the impact of their emotions and motivates them to explore healthier ways to express themselves.

To deepen their understanding of the reasons behind their anger, check out the Anger Iceberg worksheet. Another helpful resource is the Anger Coping Skills for Kids handout which contains effective ways to manage anger.

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Kaya B

Thank you very much. Great present.

Genesis S

Wonderful worksheets to use with clients.