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ADHD Tips To Reduce Distractions

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Distractions are stimuli (both external and internal) that draw a person's attention away from their intended tasks. External distractions include things like noise, visual stimuli, social interactions, and electronic devices, while internal distractions can come from one's own thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. Overcoming distractions requires conscious effort, which is important for getting things done.

The ADHD Tips To Reduce Distractions handout helps clients with ADHD manage distractions and maintain their focus. The handout begins by acknowledging the challenges faced by those with ADHD before introducing a list of tips using the acronym DISTRACTION-FREE.

Kids and teens using this handout can improve their productivity levels, which leads to enhanced academic performance and engagement in their learning process. For those who need additional help from a time management perspective, we recommend downloading our Managing Stress With Good Time Management handout.

This handout is included in our ADHD Handouts Bundle, which offers 29 pages of tips, psychoeducation, and strategies to assist kids with better managing ADHD symptoms.

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