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ADHD Tips To Improve Your Morning Routine

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A morning routine is a structured set of tasks and activities that individuals with ADHD can use to start their day in a more organized and productive manner. For those with ADHD, mornings can be particularly challenging due to difficulties with executive functions like time management, task initiation, and working memory.

The ADHD Tips To Improve Your Morning Routine handout helps clients streamline their mornings to make them more manageable. It explains what they can do the night before and how to start their day. Moreover, the handout introduces the acronym I’M READY, with tips like identifying priorities and minimizing distractions.

Kids and teens following the tips in the handout may feel less stressed and more in control. After reviewing the handout, caring adults can engage in discussions about the tips. Adults can further support children by creating a conducive environment for morning routines and offering encouragement.

This handout can be found in our ADHD Handouts Bundle, which provides psychoeducation and coping skills to support kids and teens in better managing ADHD symptoms.

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