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ADHD Tips To Improve Time Management

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Time management for ADHD involves strategies to help individuals with ADHD to optimize their time effectively. It can involve breaking down tasks into smaller, manageable steps, setting realistic goals, and using tools like timers and planners to stay focused and on track.

The ADHD Tips To Improve Time Management handout is designed to assist clients in becoming more productive. It lists reasons why it’s difficult for clients to manage their time and introduces the acronym PRODUCTIVE, with each letter corresponding to a helpful tip.

Implementing the tips outlined in this handout allows kids and teens to accomplish tasks and meet deadlines with greater ease. For easy access and consistent reinforcement, parents and teachers can print additional copies and strategically place them in prominent locations where kids or teens frequently spend time.

This handout is included in our 29-page ADHD Handouts Bundle, which provides tips and coping skills for kids and caregivers to support the management of ADHD symptoms.

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