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ADHD Tips To Improve Focus And Attention

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Paying attention involves directing one's focus toward a specific task or activity while staying focused entails maintaining that concentration over time. These skills are necessary for effective learning and task completion. However, individuals with ADHD may find it challenging to sustain attention and focus due to genetic factors and differences in brain structure and function.

The ADHD Tips To Improve Focus And Attention handout serves as a guide for clients who need help with getting things done. It explores the challenges experienced by those with ADHD and then introduces the FOCUS BETTER acronym, which outlines practical strategies and specific examples to illustrate its application.

Applying the strategies in this handout may support kids and teens with ADHD in improving their academic performance and reducing their frustration when tackling tasks. Parents can further support their kids by incorporating brain activities such as detective games, spot-the-difference games, Jenga, and Sudoku into their routines. These engaging activities stimulate various parts of the child’s brain.

This handout can be found in our ADHD Handouts Bundle, which includes 29 pages of digital resources that support better management of ADHD symptoms.

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