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ADHD Improving Activation And Task Initiation

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Improving activation or task initiation skills is important for clients with ADHD or executive function deficits. Various challenges they face, such as difficulty focusing and maintaining attention, and big emotions like anxiety or frustration, can make it challenging to take that first step in beginning a task. But with the right strategies, they can learn to become more efficient.

The ADHD Improving Activation And Task Initiation handout is a resource that helps clients with executive function deficits or ADHD overcome the challenges associated with starting tasks. Some of the tips listed include taking a brisk walk, using the 3-second rule, and removing distractions.

Kids or teens using this handout may feel more confident to begin their tasks independently, which paves the way for success in different aspects of their lives. After reviewing the handout, they can consolidate the key tips into a checklist for quick reference. Parents and caring adults may also create flashcards for the child.

This handout is included in our 29-page ADHD Handouts Bundle, which provides a wide variety of resources to support kids and teens in better managing ADHD symptoms.

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